My YA Steampunk Novel, Chains of Silver, is Published!

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The Newest Addition to YA Steampunk Is Here!

It’s been four years in the making, but I’m now officially an indie author! My first indie book, a YA steampunk novel, Chains of Silver, is now available as an e-book. And don’t worry–my next book will not take four years. Or even four months. I’m hard at work on the second Alchemy Empire book, Claws of Brass. I can’t wait to introduce it to you later this summer.

YA Steampunk for Theater Nerds (And All Geeks–Because You’re Awesome)

All the Alchemy Empire books are set in a world of theater. My fondest memories from college were of being part of the theater group there. I’ve wanted for years to write a novel that combines my love of fantasy and my love of theater. And who could resist theater-themed steampunk?

If all the world’s a stage, then I am utterly screwn…

In the high-stakes world of the theater, stage fright can seriously crank your career, so apprentice Minx Mellor hides her phobia, studying as a technomancer to create fantastic, steam-powered devices.

But when the mysterious serial killer known as The Peacock targets one of their own, Minx can hide no longer. To save the life of the woman she loves like a mother, she teams up with her sworn enemy and a dashing young director whose powerful magic wakes the nightmares she’s kept secret for years.

When disaster strikes, Minx must face the horrors of her past and find the courage to do what she vowed she’d never do again.

Even if it means risking her life as bait to trap a murderer.

From the shadows of cobblestoned alleys and the glittering steampunk world of an aristocracy gone mad for theater comes the first book in a brand new young adult fantasy series about love, the power of creativity, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Find out more about what YA Steampunk is and about the series and books. If you want to skip right to links to buy Chains of Silver, here you go:

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