Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Facing the Sun

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This is Part 4 of a 5-part series on the fashion editorial photoshoot I did with Hooton Images. Here are the previous posts relating to the fashion editorial:

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Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Lioness

There is a time to fight

to rage

to hunt with the

skill of a lioness

to wage a private war

against the darkness

of the soul

and fears

and lies

that bind the heart

and wound the mind

for all of this

there is a time


Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Walking in Light

But now I walk

bathed in light,

The hours are golden

And I am right to take off

the armor,

lay down the spear

the more I stop caring

about what you think

the less I fear

the dark

the more I embrace

who I really am

and fall in love with living,

the more I am at peace.


Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: I SeeI see you now in a different light

the candles, the fight, the way

you saw me and

how I saw myself

it wasn’t right—any of it—

broken, jagged shards

making you my enemy

when what we really are

and always will be

are fellow wanderers

on this journey



Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Resting

I close my eyes to rest,

to breathe

for once not haunted

by what I’ve been told

by what I’ve seen

or the fears of what will happen

if I dare to be

more than what you thought

I should.

 Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Dreaming

I dream

of love that burns away

the hate and lies

a love so strong

that judgment dies

and all that remains

is the fiery knowledge

that there is a time

to learn to be wise

to open my eyes to what is true:

that you,

that I,

we are part of something good



and beneath all the pain

that drives us apart

what matters is

I must see your heart.

Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Eyes Open

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2 comments on “Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Facing the Sun

  1. This really threw me back to your first post about how you felt about putting yourself in front of the camera. The poem, again, is a delight, and I must say the last photo with your piercing blue eyes is gorgeous!

    • Meredith Rose  |  

      Thanks, Kerrie! And thank you for taking the time to comment and read the poems!