Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Facing the Enemy

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This is Part 3 of a 5-part series on the fashion editorial photoshoot I did with Hooton Images. Read part one here (intro), part two here (the “Trapped” photo set), and part four here (the “Flowers” photo set). I will add links to the other posts relating to the fashion editorial once all of them are up. Subscribe to the blog (right sidebar) to be notified when new posts are available.


Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Who I AmThey think they know me.

They’ve got me filed, slotted, defined.

Fenced in by the color of my skin

my hair

my eyes

the size of the gap between my thighs

and my waist-to-hip ratio.


They think they can

tell me who I am

because anyone who says the things I say

can only be a certain way.

It has to fit the pattern.


Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: ArmorFools. They only see the things

I let them see.

It’s all body armor, down to the last dangly earring

protection from prying eyes and sharp tongues

a shield for my heart.

They can’t see inside of me

where every day I do battle

against the echoes of their voices

their faithful soldiers warring on

long after they have gone.


Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Silent BattleI fight their quiet whispers.

A sword makes no sound as it slices through flesh,

so it is with words

and images

the unspoken ways they have

of cutting up my heart.


I fight

a silent battle

against their judgment

against their hate

against the part of me that waits

for them to change and wants their love.

I battle that most of all.


I’ve come to see

they’re not my enemy

not really.

It’s me.

But I’m still trying to find

a suit of armor for my mind.

Can I negotiate a truce

for peace

or will this struggle never cease

between the part of me that’s soft and cares

what they believe

and this warrior rising up, she

who laughs at their demands

like a goddess

who doesn’t give a damn?

Wildwood Goddess Photoshoot: Warrior Rising

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