Tracy M. Joyce Interviewed Me!

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Author Interviews Are Fun!

Hey everyone! One of the fun parts about being an author is getting to do interviews with bloggers, readers, and other authors. One of my Wattpad author friends, Tracy M. Joyce, has a terrific blog, and she was nice enough to ask me to do an interview for it. We’ve split it into two parts. This first one is on my books, and part two is the down-low on Wattpad.

So if you want to find out things like…

  • My current TV obsessions
  • The “underground” research I did for the book
  • And a hint about what I’m writing now


…check out the interview on Tracy’s blog!

Part 1 of interview with Meredith Rose author of Chains of Silver

Source: Views & Reviews: Author Interviews, Books, Film, TV….whatever!

Part 2 coming soon!!!

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