Steampunk Fashion Trend: Is It Gearing Up for 2015?

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We’re not even into 2014 yet, but there are already predictions about the fashion trends for 2015–and the one that had everyone buzzing was about steampunk fashion. IBM predicted earlier this year that steampunk would be a major retail trend in 2015. They make these predictions apparently by monitoring discussions on social media sites, forums, and message boards. (Does this blog count? I’ll be happy to mention steampunk fashion more often!)

Oh my Dior | it girl fashion blog had an article about it, too, explaining that steampunk fashion won’t make it to the streets right away, but we’re already seeing more and more Baroque and Victorian elements in fashion lately.

If the steampunk fashion trend does take hold, some of us will be really excited. Other people will probably be disappointed. There’s a certain amount of pride, you could say, in the steampunk world–pride that steampunk fashion and steampunk lifestyle is a subculture or even counter-culture. Steampunk fashion is all about innovation, uniqueness, one-of-a-kind handmade, upcycling, Etsy-esque awesomeness.

So what happens to all that homemade goodness if steampunk fashion goes mainstream? That’s what some steampunkers are worried about. They don’t want to lose the heart of steampunk and have it turn into a mass-marketed, commercialized trend–it’s everything steampunk is not meant to be.

On the other hand, a steampunk fashion trend could be kind of fun. It probably won’t last long, so hard-core steampunk followers will have the playground to themselves again soon. But in the meantime, maybe if there’s a rise in interest in steampunk fashion, it could be an opportunity to get people thinking about what steampunk culture stands for: innovation, forward-thinking, optimism, creativity, respect, manners, and a spirit of adventure.

And it could be a great opportunity for people in the steampunk world to allow their world to grow a little larger and welcome a wider array of people. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.

Besides, even if Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 end up sporting steampunk fashion in their stores, Etsy will always be the place to go for the REAL stuff.

What do you think? Is Steampunk Fashion going to be a thing? I guess we’ll see in about 14 months.

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