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Welcome, MeredithEfken.com Readers!

Author Meredith RoseI feel like I’m writing a voice mail: “You’ve reached the page for the former domain of MeredithEfken.com. At the tone, please leave a message…BEEP.” *grin*

I’ve pointed that domain to this page on my new site, so you can find out more about what I’m writing now and my new publishing name: Meredith Rose.

In 2013, I launched “Meredith Rose” as my new publishing name for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m no longer writing inspirational fiction. I’m writing adult and young adult fantasy and magical realism for the general market. Since my new books may contain content and themes that aren’t acceptable in the inspirational market, I wanted to avoid confusing my inspirational readers by using a different publishing name.
  2. Much as I love my husband’s family and his heritage, “Efken” has proven to be a little difficult for people to remember and to spell correctly. Since books are usually categorized by author last name, it seemed to be a smart idea to pick a name that would be easier for people to remember and find.

My previous books under “Meredith Efken” are still available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble website, and other online retailers. They’re old enough now that you likely won’t find them in stores anymore. But they are all available in print or e-book format. I’m very proud of them and hope you will continue recommending them to friends and family.

I’d love for you to check out my new site and what I’m working on now, keeping in mind what I said above about no longer writing for the inspirational market.

Also, here is the one thing I get the most questions on, even years after the book came out: the answer to Zelia’s holiday game in @Home For The Holidays.

Answer to Zelia’s Holiday Game

Zelia was giving “lumps of coal” for any Christmas song that actually had the word “Christmas” anywhere in the title or lyrics. So…”We Wish You A Merry Christmas” or “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” would both get lumps of coal because one has “Christmas” in the title and lyrics, and the other has it in the lyrics.

She gave “mistletoe kisses” for any Christmas song that NEVER mentions Christmas in the song at all. So…”Away In A Manger” and “Joy To The World” would both get kisses because neither mention Christmas anywhere in the titles or lyrics.

The point, of course, was that there are lots of songs that are classic Christmas songs that never mention Christmas at all. So if those songs can still express Christmas without saying the word, then maybe it’s stupid to get all bent out of shape because someone said “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Thank you so much for your support of my writing over the years. I hope you’ll continue enjoying my work for years to come. If you’ve liked my MeredithEfken Facebook page, I’d encourage you to like my Meredith Rose page, or follow me on Twitter, or the social media of your choice. Links are below!

Happy reading!

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