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As any of my regular readers know, I’m a huge “Welshophile”–or would that be “Cymru-ophile”? Anyway, I LOVE Wales/Cymru! I’ve been a member of for several years. It’s a social network specifically for Welsh-Americans or anyone who is interested in Welsh culture.

They are holding a poetry contest right now, and I thought it would be fun to enter. I’m submitting the following poem, “Hold,” as my entry. I wrote it for a friend whose father passed away, and I was unable to be there in person, so this poem was my way of holding my friend even though we were far apart.


my arms encircle you
crushing your walls of empty space
you pull me close
I am free, open
becoming vast like summer sky
surrounding you

an unfamiliar gift
your body, your skin
you’ve caught my wandering spirit
in your hands
anchoring me to the physical world
for now

you grip my shoulder
urgency in your touch
hunger in your heart
I feel it in mine as well
I wonder
why we keep so distant
choosing isolation
when the need is so great
to be near
to feel the kind stroke
of fingers on hair
the tender safety
of breath against cheek

some wise truths
we can only learn
by reaching for each other

your head rests heavy against me
I press it closer until all you hear
is the steady pulse of comfort
of belonging
of being understood
and not alone
my heart

you breathe
the breathing of distant waves
rising, falling, smoothing sand
until time itself is washed away
only being remains

this touch
a gentle warming
quiet fire
melting away the barriers
of words
of pride
of fears
of pain
I seep into your soul
fragrant oil
to soothe
to heal
I draw you around me,
beloved cloak
you warm me from the inside out
thawing, for the moment,
the constant chill of longing
that shivering need
to connect, to know,
to love
together we rest
hearth of friendship
fireside of human comfort
hush, my love
this is peace

©2014, Meredith Rose, all rights reserved

Photo credit: k.h y o / Foter / CC BY-NC

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