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If you’re looking for my OFFICIAL BIO (in all its officialness), check out the Media Page. If you want the fun stuff and juicy details, keep reading…

    Oh Baby!!!

    Baby Meredith

    Baby Wildwood Goddess! Awww!!!

    Galveston, TX

    I was BOI: Born On an Island…

    Galveston Broadway

    …named Galveston, in Texas.

    Port of Galveston

    It’s connected to the mainland by a long causeway. When I wouldn’t fall asleep, my parents popped me in the car and cruised the causeway.

    Galveston Beach

    They also collected seashells on the beach–I still have a box of them at my house.

    Psychic Much?


    My parents loved books–so much so that they used a book as a birth announcement for me. They had no idea at the time that my life would end up to be all about books…or did they?

    Night Owl: WHOOOOO Me???

    Night Owl

    When I was little, I’d get up in the middle of the night and rearrange all my toys. Now, I get up in the middle of the night and rearrange all my book characters.

    Literary Rebel!

    I started reading when I was four. My mom didn’t realize I knew how until I asked her to read something to me, and she teased me by saying “read it yourself”–and I did!

    My first favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham.

    Green Eggs and Ham

    In second grade, I got in trouble with the cranky, elderly school librarian for reading books off the sixth grade shelf instead of picture books from the second grade shelf. (Oh the horror!) She mocked me in front of the whole class for not knowing who Babar was. *sob* 


    I was thinking, “Why in the world should I care who Babar is when I know Anne Shirley, Aslan, Meg-Jo-Beth-Amy, Bambi, Black Beauty, and Sarah Crew?” (Bonus points if you can name the books they are all from.)

    My mother called the school immediately and hauled Cranky Librarian off my back. I think we had a new librarian the next year.

    Sorry, Babar, but I’ve never really liked you since.


    What’s In A Name?

    Welsh Castle

    My name “Meredith” is Welsh. It probably means “noble lord.” Yep, “lord” not “lady.” All you girls who are named “Addison” or “Taylor” or other used-to-be-boys’ names, I’m way ahead of you.

    Welsh Harpist

    My mom gave me my name to honor our Welsh heritage. The Welsh are known for their music. My mom was a talented pianist and taught piano for 40 years. She taught me to play piano, and I’ve also studied voice.

    Welsh Story Magic

    Lady of Shalott

    The Welsh are also known for their love of story-telling and literature. King Arthur and all the legends of Camelot are thanks to Welsh bards. Tolkien found inspiration for The Lord of the Rings in Welsh mythology.

    In Wales, Storytellers RULE! (Literally)

    Eisteddfod Pavillion

    Even to this day, one of the biggest Welsh traditions is the National Eisteddfod.


    Poets and storytellers compete for the honor of being crowned the Arch-druid of the festival.

    A Town of Bookshops


    The tiny Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye is known internationally for being chock full of bookshops, and for its huge literary festival that draws visitors from all over the world.


    Hiraeth is a Welsh word that has no English equivalent. You can think of it as a spiritual longing for home, the home of your heart. Many people feel hiraeth for Wales, even if they’ve never been there. It’s a mystic kind of bond that transcends geography and time.

    When I first heard of this word, I thought “Yes! That is exactly how I have always felt about Wales.” I didn’t know that there was a word for it, or that other people felt the same way.

    I have never visited Wales, but I have always loved it. Hiraeth is in my soul, and someday, I’m going to get there. I’m going to visit the home of my heart.

    Cymru Am Byth     Wales Forever

    Welsh Railway Tunnel


    • Favorite birthday gift as a kid: a big box of books my mom collected from garage sales and thrift store. At first, I thought they’d last me forever. I read them all in three weeks.

      Stacks of books

      No, these aren’t the actual books I got! Mine were way cooler!

    • First Crush:  My first crush was not on a movie star. It was on a book character–Gilbert Blythe, from Anne of Green Gables. Swoon! It didn’t hurt that later, when the TV movies came out, the guy playing Gilbert was pretty cute, too.

      Swoony pic of Gilbert Blythe

      Anne: Aren’t you afraid I’ll break a slate over your head? Gilbert: I’m more afraid I’ll break one over yours…(whispers) Carrots. *sigh*

    • My husband’s and my idea of a great date is an evening spent in Barnes and Noble, eating at the cafe and browsing books and magazines.
    • When I was seven and we moved to a new house, I got a bedroom with a walk-in closet. I was so excited because it was big enough I could pretend it was a wardrobe and my gateway to Narnia.
    • If I didn’t like how a book ended, I simply rewrote the ending the way I wanted it.
    • Participating in the library’s summer reading club was the highlight of my summers as a kid.
    • I followed book series the way most kids follow TV shows or movies.


    • My first attempt to write a book was in second grade. The would-be masterpiece was titled “A Flower and a Bee.” It was about two small memo pages long, and explored the pathos and triumph of the unlikely friendship between…wait for it…a flower and a bee.
    • I was the poet laureate (official poet) of my elementary school in 3rd and 4th grade.
    • I finished my first novel in 8th grade. It was handwritten, 2 spiral notebooks of middle school drama and angst. I thought all I had to do was copy it into my best handwriting in a journal and send it off to a publisher, and I’d be a published author. (I was adorably innocent and naive.)
    • My first published work was an article I wrote about having special needs siblings for a teen magazine when I was 14. I was paid $25 for it, and they included my photo as well as a byline.
    • My next paid published work wasn’t until I was in my 20’s. It was a short story submitted to Cats magazine, for which I also got paid $25 and a byline. I got my first stalker fan out of the deal too. She loved the story so much, she tracked down my phone number and called me to gush about–thinking it was a true story when it was actually fiction. I quickly unlisted my number. (Hint to readers everywhere: Don’t be that fan. Just. Don’t.)
    • First book deal: For years, all I wanted was to get one book published. Just one. And then, I decided I wanted a real career out of it–with lots of books. And I wanted my first contract before I was 30. I got it when I was 29, and so far I’m on track for the real career with lots of books. And I LOVE it. I’d never want to do anything else.


    First Date:  Almost 16, and we went to a local production of the musical Carousel and to a really fun restaurant called The Garden Cafe. I was ecstatic–alone on a date with a boy! No, he didn’t kiss me! EVER! (Well, okay, much later–in college–he did…long, pathetic story. Maybe I’ll dish on it sometime, if you’re interested!)

    Scene from Carousel

    Actually, the musical is rather depressing for Rogers and Hammerstein!

    First Kiss: Different guy (after First Date guy insisted we date other people and then was upset when I took him seriously). I was 17. He was 22. (22!!! *squee*) I thought it was the most magical moment of my life to date. When he found out it was my first kiss, he felt so guilty (because of the age difference) that he confessed to my parents and wouldn’t talk to me for 2 days. Humiliating much? We worked it out, eventually, and ended up dating for over 3 years.

    Girl with bag over head

    Hi, my name is Meredith, and I dated guys who were embarrassed to kiss me. (All: Hi, Meredith!)

    Third Time’s the Charm: I caught the bouquet at my best friend’s wedding, and I met my future husband two days later. TRUE STORY! See–sometimes superstitions DO work. (Or it could have been a freaky coincidence…but I’ll pick the magic every time.)

    After my college roommate’s wedding, I went to Branson, MO for a summer college work program at Silver Dollar City. The first few days I met so many people, it took a couple weeks to get them sorted out in my mind. So I don’t actually recall meeting him, exactly, but it was likely that first day when he was helping everyone move in their stuff. His job at Silver Dollar City was at a cookie booth. He was allowed to give away broken cookies. He was a resourceful schemer at love…

    Chocolate chip cookies

    He seduced me with chocolate chip cookies!

    Our first kiss was in the woods at night, in the cab of a friend’s pick-up truck, and there was starlight and moonlight and fireflies. (And he felt neither embarrassed or the least bit guilty! Score at last!)

    Fireflies and moonlight

    It really did look this magical.

    A year and a half later, we had a Christmas wedding.


    And we shall be newlyweds forever!



    • Chocolate
    • Shopping
    • Books
    • Piano
    • Opera
    • Words
    • Geeks
    • Romantic movies with happy endings
    • Wales/Welsh language
    • Jane Austen
    • Art and home decorating
    • Beach
    • Friends
    • Tango
    • Husband
    • Daughters
    • Flowers/gardens


    • Housework
    • Math
    • Saying goodbye
    • Cold weather
    • Filing
    • Sad endings (books or movies)
    • Reality TV
    • War and violence
    • Bugs
    • Getting up early

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