I've Been Tagged in a Wattpad Meme!

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I've Been Tagged in a Wattpad Meme!

This morning, my friend and fellow writer, Mark Leslie (author of the upcoming novel I, Death, which he is serializing on Wattpad), tagged me for the following Wattpad meme, asking for me to talk about my book, Chains of Silver, which I am also serializing on Wattpad at the moment:

1) When and Where is the story set?

Chains of Silver is set in an alternate steampunk world, in the Mercian Empire. It has a lot of flavor of Victorian England, circa 1898 or so, but in many ways it has a very modern feel as well. Some people in this world have magic abilities that let them make extraordinary steam-powered gadgets and technology. Most of the story takes place in the Alchemy Empire Theater, one of the top theaters in the empire, and revolves around the apprentice program there. Some of the theater people have magical abilities that make the theatrical productions feel real to the audience, and that makes theater and other performances extremely popular and addictive forms of entertainment.

2) What can you say about the main characters?

Minx Mellor is the heroine. She’s almost 18 and in her final year as an apprentice. She’s been through some pretty traumatic stuff when she was younger. She has performance magic and technologic, but because of her past, she has a severe phobia of being on stage and being around guys. She’s broken in a lot of ways, but very brave and a brilliant inventor. She hides her weaknesses by being flirtatious and witty. Only very few people, like her best friends, Thea and Raymond, have any idea how much she is hurting. Her nemesis is Delphine Birdwell, who is also in her final apprentice year, and is a gifted acting apprentice. She’s also a bit of a diva and likes to bully other apprentices. Delphine hates Minx, but Minx isn’t sure all the reasons why. But when Delphine decides to try to get the new director of the apprentice company fired, Minx intervenes, making Delphine hate her even more. The new director is Dietrich Wolff. He is only 20 years old, but very talented and has powerful directing magic, which is the key ingredient to making performance magic work. He’s elegant, smart, and seems to see the hearts of everyone around him. Minx thinks he’s extremely sexy, but his magic reminds her of her terrifying past, and so she is scared of him. He’s very kind and gentle toward her, and is also attracted to her.

3) What is the Main Conflict?

There is a serial killer the press has dubbed “The Peacock” who is murdering theater celebrities across the city. When Delphine and Minx find out that their beloved mentor and the lead actress at the theater, Nadine Fairchild, is the Peacock’s next target, they have to set aside their own hatred of each other and work together to try to save Nadine. They end up bringing Dietrich Wolff into the scheme as well. This forces Minx to confront the terrors of her past and risk trust and even love in order to save the woman she loves like a mother.

The Infectious Phase:

Here are three other Wattpad writers with serialized novels that you really should check out: 1) Tracy M. Joyce, author of Altaica. 2) Denise Grover Swank, my friend and fellow YA author of Here 3) Josh Townley, author of The Scroll of Life Thanks, Mark, this was fun!

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